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The leading manufacturing company of cast iron stoves,
stove pipes, elbows, chimney accessories, BBQ grills,
fireplace accessories and BBQ accessories in Greece
Our stoves are made of premium
quality cast iron
Experienced personnel and state
of art technology guarantee
maximum quality
custom orders accepted
Our company, founded in 1955, is placed in Athens
Greece. We manufacture export and trade cast iron
stoves, galvanized stove pipes, blue metal stove pipes,
enamel stove pipes, INOX stove pipes, BBQ grills, BBQ
accessories, nails, galvanized wire, black annealed wire
Our company is dedicated to providing the best
available quality.
Our strategy is Total Quality Management.  Please
browse through our products list and contact us for
additional information
    GREEKSTOVES since 1955
Timeless,Classic decoration for every
Economical, and safe, our stoves provide
the desired warmth for every room.
Each of our models has been designed
and tested by our experienced technical